Sammi Myers


Dear Amy,

Last weekend I attended my grandmother’s funeral service. It was absolutely beautiful and moved everyone to tears. We stood hand in hand over the gravesite thinking about life and family. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a pained moan. My grandmother’s hand broke through the front of her coffin and she began to crawl out of her grave! People proceeded to panic, screaming and running back to their cars. I remained calm, grabbed a shovel, hit her on the head, and (once she’d fallen back in her grave, of course) proceeded to cover her with dirt. Did I handle the situation correctly?

Sincerely, Dazed+Confused

Weeping Gematria

they run around
the track
              like fish inside a bowl

if they could they would run
to a new home

kicking bags
to stay alive
              rest and recover

dead women tell no tales leaving
only fortunes

for lost triplets
              and a sugar bowl

Sammi Myers grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, but now resides in Boston. She is a first-year student at Boston University, where she intends to study journalism. In her spare time she enjoys reading and watching reality television.