Priyanka Alluri

Blind to Troubles

She rested in the wheelchair,
Cook, Elizabeth
written in blue marker on the back.
Her head hung forward
pale patches of skin behind pearl white curls,

opalescent in sunlight.
Her head lifted as I called her name.
Her eyes closed. White lashes rested
above unlatched layers of wrinkles,
lessons, advice.

Her breath slowed its pulse
as the sundews tightened their grip,

But, blind, she asked about me
How was your day today, Honey?

Pencil marks

reflect gray on white walls,
the mirror of surpassed heights

Cracked hourglass

Chipped paint
of hide-and-seek-freeze-tag.

crashed to the floor

on toys
on play

grain by grain flooded
to escape.

familiar faces
before flash.

The rush ends

Back doors left open
smoke trails
of barbeques and best friends.

leaving spilt moments
quietly motionless
like silted time.

Priyanka Alluri is a first-year undergraduate student at Boston University from Vernon Hills, IL. She currently studies Psychology.