Josh Kanaga


Today, the sky is a high blue tent,
vaulted, elusive, supreme;
buttresses and arches climb the rungs
to worlds beyond my reach.
A league above, a wandering hawk
shares the same predicament as mine,
though even he must pity one
who is pasted to asphalt and sand.

More mantle than pavilion,
the tent encloses all around.
With all my strength I struggle free,
but find it was in vain;
the very air is vacuumed out,
there's nothing left to breathe.

The Window

Winter is early
her bellows unleashed

frost and snow battle
for rights to the ground

Dry leaves abandon
willow that wept them

rivers wallow, bound
in icy shackles

Mornings are hollow
bereft of their song

sparrow and swallow
have fled from sharp cold

The crow becomes king
with all others gone

an empty title
when warmer days come

From my tall silo
I watch like an owl

awaiting sweet voice
of spring in the wind

This perch is lonely
still I know the news

I see it below...
winter is early

Josh Kanaga is a Music Education and trumpet student at Boston University. His interest in creative writing has led him to explore poetry as a new artistic medium, which complements his musical endeavors. Josh is originally from Cape Cod, MA, and is pursuing a career as a high school band teacher.