Jonathan Pou

“12:54 (am)”

That was the night that I became a physicist

As I calculated the force needed to make so little of a person
Who offered so much

It’s been three days
the smell of burning tires and flesh still fresh in my nose
so real I can taste it

It’s been three days
so long since I felt you
And I’ll never get closer than six feet from you again

Self-Portrait as a 10 year old

When I was ten my teacher told me that a Box Turtle could be considered invincible because its shell can withstand two hundred times its weight
I raised my hand and asked “how much pressure can it take inside?”
She said “A lot.”
I said “Probably less than you think.”

When I was ten I watched my grandfather squeeze his accordion from both sides with hands built for hard labor as he played
I looked on as he brought his hands together for what may have been one too many times and watched the accordion break

Jonathan Pou is a first-year undergraduate student at Boston University and is enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences. Born in New York he was raised in the neighboring state of New Jersey.