Hunter Stetz

Limbo granted

Caged, I wait to be fed.
Decapitated dreams damned to be defeated.
The others are not ugly, merely invisible,
busy with otherworldy troubles.

Futile feelings.
The cage is getting smaller.
I tell myself I’ll end up free.
Love will lift you when it pleases.
At the fork in the road, I went straight.

What is your secret? Is it in your blood?
She’s gasping for breath, gasping for me.
You feline shapeshifter, your words bite.

The rope’s been cut, the bucket lost.
I’ll bite down on the wooden dowel.
Let the saline water splash my face
& I’ll distance myself from any desires.
Nobody wants a puppetmaster.

I cannot get her out of my head.

I died before I could heed my own warning.
Death by love, words linger in shame.

self-portrait outside New Hampshire

i’ve got the blues and the blue collar,
slept deep into the afternoon.
le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point,
now I’m dropping fifty dollars round trip on a peter pan.

disassemble the pedestal and do my best to look you in the eye.
contrary to consensus, i’m an extrovert with asperger’s;
mastered humor mechanically from scratch.

americana melodies would’ve lulled us to sleep,
but we’ve got twin bed body heat and no ac.
third eye bloodshot from melatonin withdrawal.
i’m spending more time in a state i find hard to call home.

bookend an era,
the city is the roof over my head.
granite only a few feet beneath my feet -
the concrete jungle recedes.

asphalt ends a quarter mile down frying pan lane.
crab apple trees seeping arsenic into the drinking supply.
didn’t know what an in-sink garbage disposal was until age seventeen.
after a half hour cruise hugging the beach,
i stumbled upon “stay sexy” scribbled on world war ii concrete.

i don’t know where i’m going, but i’ll always know where i’m from.
“Live Free or Die” etched in eternal black ink for the world to read.

Hunter Stetz is a second-year undergraduate student at Boston University studying archaeology and intends to graduate in three years totals. His work has thus far appeared in Totem LitMag. He currently lives in Boston during the school year, but calls New Hampshire home.