Elisha Machado

The Puzzle of Nature

A sea of sand sleeps in a dry vacant desert
until it melts into glass in the blistering sun
carcasses of rotting cattle peek out from the copper ground
crooked and shriveled like a parched tongue searching for water
only to be lost beneath the quicksand of time
the unbarring land stalks its prey, sucking up everything in its path
why is the puzzle of this land incomplete?

An hourglass is flipped, reversing time
trees are abundant with chartreuse extending from limb to limb
grasses sprout from the rich espresso soil
blossoms spring up to bloom and smile at the sun
mushrooms stretch their arms from the earth and inhale the sweet Spring air
it’s a meadow that overflows with life
a puzzle that is complete.

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Outside the window lies a street corner
blanketed in a veil of charcoal

Blurred shadows dance along the sidewalk
‘til they crash in the puddled pewter pavement

Then shatter like a fine porcelain teacup
spilling its contents, now only a remnant

Inside the window sits a girl, waiting,
peering at the metallic sky above

Tears fall from the clouds and wash away chalk figures
that blur into nothingness and trickle
                                                                                     the drain

The last lick of summer sweets still lingers
on the tip of her tongue, just a memory

The faint aroma of blooming roses
that once lay in the corner of her mind

Is now replaced by a scentless static air
that engulfs her and suffocates consciousness

All that remains is the heavy pitter-patter
of rain that explodes on the ground below

If only her hand could reach through the window,
she could wipe away the fog and find the sun

Elisha Machado is an undergraduate student studying Journalism at Boston University in the College of Communication. In her hometown of Fairfield, California, she was given the wonderful opportunity to publish one of her poems in a collection of poetry from young poets who won a poetry-writing contest in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.