Danielle Liberman

Il Buon Inverno
From “Into the Thin Air” by Leslie Seldin

Last winter
we branched through our landscape
turned wild without sound.

The ice beyond the woodpile
drifted like wings.
Our arms stiffened.

Bodies like air
against the flammable rhythms.

Yelling in flight,
against gravity
our arms ready to break.


I’ll always remember,
the first time I saw
your face,
and when my feet brushed
against your brittle waves.
Tasting the salt
and watching the crash
beneath our lights.

The fresh fish stench--
The shouts from the gamblers--
                                                              we both fell.

Danielle Liberman is a first year student at Boston University hailing from South Jersey. She studies Middle East and North African Studies, and hopes to study abroad in Haifa, Israel.  She currently is on the BU Ski Racing Team, and is heavily involved in Hillel and AIPAC. In the near future she hopes to be a lawyer.