Daniella Knutsen

Seventh Day

waking up to the light through my window
the room reflects the colors of the sky,

white and blue,
blue and white.
quiet inside,
not outside.

the bird is singing a song.

waves crash in the distance,

and the ice crashes in the smoothie machine.

some steps,

                        I'm there.


rocks between my toes

and the salt refreshes my skin
and the rays hug me.


Somebody gave me two identical babies. They felt soft and warm, and they looked plump and rosy. They had big eyes that pierced right through my small and swollen eyes. I had to care for them because they were alone. They are always alone. They always leave twins with me. Sometimes I like them and I want to love them, but sometimes I don’t. But I couldn't take care of this pair. So I ignored them and slept, until the room turned cold and pale.

Daniella Knutsen was born in 1995 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She currently lives in Boston and is a first-year business major at Boston University. She has been writing poetry since she was about 8 years old. Knutsen loves Lana Del Rey’s songs and tries to imitate her writing style whenever possible. She hopes to continue writing poetry as a way to express herself artistically.