Christina Serpa

the unseen


         clasp            the

fabric of dresses.



          nothing            but

       strokes        and streams

can mend   our messes.

Morning Stroll

I walk down the street every morning minding my own business, keeping a close eye on the tiny winged animals that peck crumbs off the sidewalk. These animals have no manners; they do not move out of the way for anyone or anything. Not to mention they fear nothing. I hate them. I hope that they’ll fly away as I purposefully approach with booming footsteps, but they don’t. They never do. I try to avoid them without making it obvious to other people passing by. But when I look into their tiny beaded eyes, I tremble. Because I know they are always ready to attack. One day they will flock together and kill us all. Take this as your warning.

Christina Serpa is a first-year student at Boston University and studies in the School of Management. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, just North of Boston.