Anant Sultania

Another winter in the streets

‘Brace yourselves winter is coming’
Is what everyone said as they walked by
They are in their hoods and jeans and boots
And sweater and jackets and caps
And I am here in the cold of the day
And the dark of the night, shedding leaves
Like a shower pouring water on the world
It is cold and I turned all red and yellow
From the bright green that I used to be
Maybe I have to go through this
Fight the snow and the wind and the storm
That is building on the horizon
This is my test and once I am through this
I will be green again once…


Fire burns with a lot of heat but it is needed only when it one is surrounded by the dark and damp cold. I knew a man once who lived in fear. He feared everything. Fear defined the very existence of this man. He never accomplished anything in life. Every breath he took was a heavy and alarmed. Sense of tension was I the air. He used to shiver. And that is how I remember him. But somewhere I saw a light. A bright and warm light. One that needed to some oxygen to burn. Sadly, he choked to death.

Anant Sultania is an undergraduate student at Boston University. He is freshman studying mechanical engineering. Currently, he is taking a writing class involving poetry and has attended several readings in the past few months.